Line Description
Iamtra "I Am" Positive Intentions printed on mugs, bottles, buttons, candles, ribbons, jewelry, socks, clothing, delicious handblended teas and more! Carry these positive intentions with you throughout the day. You CAN change your life!
iCantoo Casual and Resort Co-Ordinates. Made in the USA.
Iconic Quilling These unique, Hand-made products are more than just cards, they are works of art.
Icy Craft Beautiful Acrylic "Ice" Sculptures and musicals for Home, Gift and Holiday
iDecoz Fashion and tech accessories
IF USA Innovative gifts and book accessories.
IHF - Rugs Braided Rugs
Illuminidol American made celebrity and custom prayer candles. Idols include actors, characters, sports figures, musicians and public figures.
Illusions Home & Candle - Red 254 Hand-Poured Craft Candles.
Illustrated Light Photography on slate or oxidized Porcelain - wall art, magnets, coasters. Each slate is unique in color & texture making each piece an individual work of art.
Ilybean Newborn beanie hats.
Imagine Design (a division of AccessAbility) Heartfelt and inspirational gifts that are worth sharing
Im-Pres Labels Hot stamped & flexo printed labels for gift packaging