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Bergquist Imports Inc., R-221
Barry  Bergquist

   1412 Hwy. 33 S.




Office (218) 879-3343    Toll Free Order Number (800) 328-0853
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Line Description
Anneko Dishcloths Decorative dish cloths made of cellulose and cotton. Absorbs 15 times is own weight in liquid. Wipes all surfaces without streaking. Does not stink and bio degradable.
Berggren Trayner Produces a variety of ceramic and glass products with Scandinavian designs. Tiles, mugs, dinnerware, and glassware. Also does custom design work for gift shops, churches, schools and organizations.
Bergquist Imports Candoliers, napkins, Christmas items & Penfield Books
Jet Papir Paper napkins
Malin Westberg Collection Dish cloths
Pluto Metal carousels, ornaments, dish cloths
Pobra Candle holders
Stivotex Lace ornaments, embroidery