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Schnapf & Associates, B-167
Karen  Wingert-Schnapf

   2412 Radisson Woods Drive




Office (763) 717-1365    
Showroom (612) 802-0891    
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Line Description
Four Winds North High quality, handcrafted dream catchers accessorized with genuine leather & metal end of the trail cut outs.
Hair Bling Bejeweled alligator clips for hair and scarves; headbands, berets, combs, bandanas, pins
Karen's Calligraphy Collection Minnesota made originally designed all occasion artwork
L F Accents and Accessories Florals & natural twig wreaths.
Lee's Wreaths Manzanita and floral wreaths.
Some Things We Love Fashion jewelry crafted in natural stone, mini animal jewelry boxes
Spa Sensations Fun bath bomb fizzies, fragrant sugar scrubs, soothing soaps.
World Unique Imports Iron sport images made of steel fashioned to athletic sports in action