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Talla Imports LLC, G-435
Karl  Rasmussen

   10301 Bren Road W. #435




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Line Description
Amber & Silver Jewelry Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Jewelry
Bianco Blu Handblown Glass Birds from Finland
Carletti European Chocolates Chocolate from Carletti of Denmark
Danish Iron Danish Iron Candleholders & Stearin Candles
egos of Copenhagen Felted wool slippers and shoes handcrafted in Nepal, designed in Denmark. Fair Trade Certified.
En Gry & Sif Handcrafted Felt Products
European Holiday Trim Wood, metal, ceramic, & felt Christmas decorations
Fabulous Goose Organic cotton blankets from Fabulous Goose of Sweden
Finkbeiner Fine Wooden Art Crafts Handcrafted Decorative Wood Products
Freemover Candlesticks Colorful wood candlesticks handmade in Sweden
Juniper Wood Kitchen Accessories Kitchen Accessories Crafted from Juniper Wood
Kattinatt 100% Biodegradable Wash Towels from Sweden
Lapland Bracelets Reindeer Leather Bracelets from Arctic Collection
Lappituote Finnish Products Reindeer Antler Products
Logums Candles Candles made in Denmark by Logum Kloster Lys
Marttiini of Finland Knives made in Finland by Marttiini since 1928
Nyakers Pepparkakor Gingersnap Cookies from Sweden
Pluto Produkter Metal Home Accessories from Sweden
Pohjolan Helmi- Nordic Design Stainless Steel Jewelry
Scandi Rugs Swedish Rugs made by HRD Carpets in Sweden