Line Description
Bottle Benders Windchimes made by hand from recycled bottles which are cut into rings and fused. You have to smile when see and hear them. Also, custom metal cut design chimes with low minimums! Made in Georgia.
Carson Home Accents & Flags A wide selection of wind chimes and garden accessories, flag accessories, garden and large size flags made of Dura Soft fabric, sentiment based products that include wall décor, music boxes, and mugs as well as memories and bereavement gifts.
Jacob's Chimes Gift chimes, car charms, garden chimes. Made in the USA.
Jacobs Musical Chimes Metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, are 100% weather proof and lifetime guaranteed.
Matr Boomie An ethically handcrafted collection - gifts, accessories, home
Mayrich Company Garden, lodge, home and nautical d馗or.
Moksha Imports Handmade windchimes & wana bell for garden & indoor setting. Glass & ceramic beads. Also jewelry.
North Country Wind Bells High quality, beautifully toned bells. Traditional triangular shape or wilderness pine tree shape with wildlife windcatchers.
Spoontiques Gift, fashion, wind chimes & garden products.
Upper Deck Antique reproductions